I saw you before u could see me and I knew you would see me
Oil on canvas; 176x146cm
I know nothing
Acrylics on canvas; 140x120 cm
Fugitive love
Oil on canvas; 146x140cm
Enjoy the silence
Oil and acrylics on canvas; 170x140 cm
Oil on canvas; 180x144cm
Acrylics on canvas; 155x140cm
Wajanja 2 minutes ahead of you
Oil; 320x151cm

Justus Kyalo



"For me, colour is both a sensation and

a material"





Completely non-representational, the works of Justus Kyalo use colour

irrationally. There is, of course, colour as hue, but it is even more a substance

and a material; an emotion.


Justus lays down colours together, not only according to their visual potential,

but also based on their physical structure.


His working practice is both improvised and planned, and he works on several works simultaneously. Justus' paintings undergo multiple variations of colour and textural juxtapositions that are reworked, until they are harmonized.


Justus has showed his work in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Kenya and abroad; including in London, Madrid and Washington. He has followed residencies and workshops in the USA, England, and Cameroon.