Acrylic on lesso: 75 x 90 cm
Going to the Hyenas
Acrylic on paper/board: 54 x 75 cm

John Kamicha 


John Kamicha struck us as a sensitive

observer with the remarkable gift to perceive

beauty in subjects where many would see fear

or ugliness instead.




John Kamicha is a Kenyan visual artist living and working in Nairobi. His works often elevate the oppressed, the excluded, or confront the viewer with society's hypocrisy.


John freely experiments with techniques and materials, while searching for the best way to capture his ideas and visions. Various of his art works are made on khangas/lessos (women’s traditional wraps). These works are characterized by their richness in details and thought, their sensitive and gentle approach towards the subject matter, and their clear links to customs, traditions and cultural values.


John's work has been extensively exhibited in Kenya, the Netherlands, and the United States of America. John has, furthermore, conducted various commissions for, among others, the Nairobi National Museum and the British Council.