Jean Bosco Bakunzi


 “I see painting as a special medium that

allows me to explore my ideas, creativity, and

emotions. When I am producing art, I feel free

with my style, and I am empowered to enjoy

the movement of my tools. In choosing my

subjects, I find inspiration in nature, my

surroundings, everyday life and happiness…”

Jean Bosco Bakunzi was born in 1985 in Kigali, Rwanda and has been creating art professionally since 2005. He is inspired by artists like Marc Chagall, Picasso and Van Gogh, but also East African artists such as Sekajugo, Kartoon, and Onyango.


His paintings stand out not only because of the originality of materials and techniques used, but also because of their reflection of deep emotional richness. Jean Bosco is a true autodidact and has mastered a variety of techniques that enable him to give expression to his deepest thoughts and emotions.


Jean Bosco founded the “Uburanga Arts Studio” in March 2010 to contribute to the development of Rwanda’s fine art scene - driven by his conviction and experience that “art has the power to heal people physically, mentally, and emotionally”. He is a survivor of the 1994 genocide and used art himself to reconcile with the past after losing his parents. At the studio, artists are given access to art books and are given a safe and quiet space for their talent and inspirations to grow.

Jean Bosco has participated in various solo, group, local and international exhibitions; including in the USA, Germany, Luxembourg, Kenya and Tanzania.


The foundation
Acrylic on canvas: 90 x 75 cm
A full glass of red wine
Acrylic on canvas