Guo Xi


"The inner mind is expressed through behaviour, and

through behaviour, people give themselves a name just

as they give their body significance.  The inner mind is

usually formed by different opinions, but behaviour can

only choose one opinion to elaborate"


Guo tries to interpret the world from different perspectives. Within these different interpretations, he searches for the fragile points that support these particular perspectives, the points that require people’s faith to survive. Guo then intends to

untie, question, and even damage, some of these once firmed beliefs through his

work; he thereby, often leaves his viewers with feelings of doubt, anxiety, but also absurdity.


His work includes many forms, such as installation, painting, performance,

sculpture, etc. He is not confined to any particular media and does not want to

restrain himself to just one way of creating. Guo focuses on what it is that needs 

 to be said and then tries to find the most appropriate and precise method to

present his ideas. 


He considers art as an intermediary that transfers ideas and information to the

viewer. To a certain degree, once the idea has been accurately accepted by the viewers, then the purpose of the art work is fulfilled, and its visual form is simply

the residue of transferred information.

Guo participated in various exhibitions in China and abroad and his work has been acknowledged by the Rijksakademie scholarship (Amsterdam, the Netherlands),

the Outstanding Graduation Work Award (Hangzou, China), and the China

Academy Art Scholarship (Hangzou, China).