She is strong I
Acrylic on canvas; 120 X 100 cm
She is strong II
Acrylic on canvas; 120 X 100 cm
Father's day
Mixed media on canvas; 80 X 50 cm
Mixed media on canvas; 40 x 60 cm
Acrylic on canvas; 60 cm x 60 cm

Collin Sekajugo


“I have learned to believe that Ethnocentrism has always

been the worst problem on the soils of all humanity since

the genesis of man."


"We tend to become constrained in our heritage and

cultural backgrounds. I believe that when culture dictates

a lot in our day to day lives, we eventually lose our moral

values as subjected to the world we live in today.”


Collin Sekajugo’s art is about social conscience and healing. He raises awareness for issues that break our societies: from discrimination to environmental change, segregation, and disintegration. Through his work, he develops concepts on the elements that build or destroy our societies. The message that is portrayed in his artwork is a demonstration for social transformation: stitching together different identities that create a bond for our common values as a people.


The pursuit of social transformation is not only reflected in Collin’s artwork, but also in his art-community building activities. Collin has founded Ivuka Arts in Rwanda, which enables promising young artists to develop their skills and gain exposure. In addition, he founded the WEAVER BIRD – Community for the Arts in Uganda, where he works with artists from all over East Africa to transform a once very poor village into a Community for the Arts and a Community Tourism hub for East Africa.


Collin is a versatile artist, whose work ranges from paintings, to mixed media work, to performances. He has followed numerous residencies, workshops and conferences in Africa, Europe and North America and has participated in various solo and group exhibitions all over the world. His artwork holds the distinction of being displayed in multiple public and corporate collections and has been featured in different galleries in East Africa, South Africa, Japan, Europe and the USA.