Ayman Ramadan


" I attempt to create immersive environments that provoke

the viewer to consider issues relating to labor, the

anonymity of the individual in the urban landscape, and

frustrations stemming from local political realities."



Ayman Ramadan’s work is site-specific and deeply socially engaged. Even as
his work navigates contemporary social and political issues, it is inevitably
deeply enmeshed in the visual vocabulary of the Islamic artistic tradition. 


His practice stems from and responds to street culture and the practices of

everyday life in the small village of Sharqiya—where he grew up—and the

chaotic megalopolis of Cairo, where he now lives and works.


Islamic concepts and forms, folk superstition and ritual, and contemporary reconfigurations of both subtly meld into each other, inform each other, and

create new visual and conceptual combinations in daily lived experience.


Ayman has showed his work in over 40 exhibitions in various countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Examples include:

Copenhagen (Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center), Dubai (Dubai
Art Fair), Guangdong (Guangzhou Triennial Guangdong Museum of Art), London

(Tate Gallery of Modern Art), New York (New Museum), and Taipei (Art Taipei).


His work has been acknowledged by various awards and scholarships and Ayman followed various residencies, including at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam (2011/2012).