Anthony Okello 


“The only traditions I follow are my feelings

towards a particular piece at a particular

moment. I think that everyone should be a

little more instinctive and a little less planned

and programmed.”



Anthony Okello is a story teller. His paintings are his language.


Anthony covers a variety of topics, from social and political affairs to African tribal myths and allegories. He is a grounded and honest artist with a great sense of justice.


We were privileged to visit Anthony not only in his studio but also at his home where we were impressed by the quality and variety of the art works.

Anthony’s paintings and the stories they capture clearly show that he does

not delimitate himself to working according to well established rules and conventions, but instead follows his instinct.


Anthony studied graphic design at the Buru Buru Institute of Fine Art and has participated in numerous exhibitions not only in Kenya but also abroad, including in the Netherlands, France and Uganda.

Masquerade (1)
Oil on canvas
Masquerade (2)
Oil on canvas